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Great Maplestead

Maplestead Fuel Syndicate

Households in The Maplesteads and surrounding villages of Pebmarsh, Gestingthorpe & Wickham St Paul benefit from saving £s each year, through bulk ordering of quality fuel. Reduces road traffic movements & helps the environment too!     

Interested? Please contact Libby  or

Mob: 07885 341768

Mail: llaurence@btinternet.com?subject=MFS Maplestead Fuel Syndicate

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There is still absolutely no cost for membership, no fees, no hidden charges, no obligation and rare in daily life today... it’s free. The Cartel (MFS) does not receive any grants, oil revenues, contributions  or gifts of taxpayers’ money, or anybody else’s money, in any form…not even from the village precept! The costs, work, time and organisation, (not always a barrel of laughs), is undertaken by Libby and I, for the benefit of all.

Some of the advantages of this community service are, reduced traffic movement on our rural roads, less pollution, noise and inconvenience, amongst others, but, the biggest and by far the most important, is it saves you money, possibly around £100 per household this year alone.  If you have been with us for the last 5 years, we may have saved you about £400 each. No mean feat! ….considering we are not in OPEC.

Sure, we realise the price of oil varies from day to day, along with the fluctuating dollar on world markets, but rest assured we drill deep to get the best possible deal for all.  

We continue to work with Pace Petroleum, who provide the fuel and carry out some of the administration for the syndicate. We have had the odd hiccup and late delivery, but overall, receive a good and well oiled service.  

Importantly, members receive updates by e-mail only, as this refines our cost.

We look forward, to more deliveries, saving you money and another successful year ....oil being well.

MFS  - Oiling the way by Peter Schwier

For every 1 pence that the price of heating oil rises to fill a 2000 litre tank it will cost an additional £20.

Every 5 p increase , you would be paying an additional £100 on your heating bill per 2000 litres


Talk to Ellie, Jean, Natasha or Sharon

Please quote MFS account number (if known) & address, in all communications.

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: spread your fuel payments over 12 months by Direct Debit

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Mail: peterschwier@longfen.co.uk?cc=Syndicate.Support@certasenergy.co.uk&subject=MFS Email Update

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An additive enhanced kerosene specifically designed for use in your home.

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